At the stoic maze we are curating our version of the good life, life is full of choices and we are trying to make better decision through the use of stoic wisdom and stoic questions that are open ended and designed to make us think about our life situation and our choices. We are searching for good questions because they seem to be a lot more useful than great answers. A good question can be thought about again and again, reused, recycled and inherited, whereas a good answer has only one purpose and single use.

We know that we are all on our own version of the same journey, every life is its own stoic maze. We want you to know that you are not on your own, we all face the same decisions dressed in different clothing. We hope by sharing how we think about things that it helps you think about things, so that we all end up a little more in control of our lives. As when we make better decision about our lives, we help others to make better decisions about theirs, we teach by the most powerful method in the world, that is of being a good example, a child never listens to what you say, only to what you do.

Articles are published every Friday, until I change my mind. All photographs and articles are original pieces of work. All the ideas have existed since the dawn of time, they have just been waiting for us to catch up.

Our in-house authors good side, you do not want to see their bad side, you have been warned!



Brighton, UK based, thinking about stuff since 1974.